Babes, success in patriarchal capitalism is a scam.

In this pre-recorded workshop I will walk you through some of the ways in which our ideas about success emerge from systems of oppression.

Then we will explore success through a feminist lens.

So many of us are fixated on the gap between where we are, and where we think we should be to qualify as successful adults.

The milestones we should have reached. The boundaries we should have in place. The money we should be making. The way our homes should look.

Closing the gap feels like a life’s work- and it is. That’s the deliberate intent of this system. Want more, do more, get more, busy yourself, exhaust yourself with this pursuit that will never come to an end. Do whatever it takes.

Imagine what our relationships with one another might be like if we were not pre-occupied in this way.

Imagine what we might notice. Imagine what we might prioritise.

I'm not cancelling goals- far from it. I'm inviting you to spend this time reflecting on your personal relationship with success, so that you can become clearer about what you want for yourself and your life.

I've priced this workshop at £39 and feedback tells me it's well worth it.

If this is inaccessible to you right now, I'm inviting you to pay what you can afford (anything from £1 upwards) instead. People have paid various amounts like £9, £12, £15, £25, £39 etc. I will never tell anyone how much you paid, or make judgements about it.

Capitalist norms tell us to try and extract as much as we can from one another, and that everyone else is out to screw us over. Making this workshop available at any price is a small act of resistance against this system. I want to be fair to you, and I trust you to be fair to me.