Babes, I know it's an almighty bum clencher, but having a robust approach to seeking and integrating client feedback is surely a key component of a culture of consent in our feminist business practice.

In this workshop, we explore

  • the feminist case for feedback
  • the benefits to you, your business and your clients
  • the barriers to embracing this practice
  • one simple strategy to embolden you to go for it

Immediate Access to Recording and PDF Upon Purchase.

Pricing & Accessibility

I'm pricing this workshop at £39, and I know this is a fair price for the difference it will make to the people who engage with it.

If this is inaccessible to you right now, I'm inviting you to pay what you can afford (anything from £1 upwards) instead. For similar workshops, people have paid various amounts like £9, £12, £15, £25, £29 etc. I will never tell anyone how much you paid, or make judgements about it.

Capitalist norms tell us to try and extract as much as we can from one another, and that everyone else is out to screw us over. Making this workshop available at any price is a small act of resistance against this system. I want to be fair to you, and I trust you to be fair to me.

Generally, there are no refunds beyond your statutory rights. If you'd like a refund, please email me to discuss

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