Babes, you and I know that we are not meant to 'earn a living'. That the very phrase is grim.

We are meant to be spending our days eating, resting, playing, sharing ideas, exploring our creativity, gazing at the sky, the sea, a tree... sharing caring responsibilities, sharing resources, sharing skills, etc.


We find ourselves here in a Late Stage Capitalist Patriarchy having to work out how we can embody our equitable values whilst paying our (extortionate) rent rates or mortgages and feeding our families.

How are we supposed to reconcile it all?

Instant Access to this Workshop where we discussed...

  • How and why each of us is likely to land in different spots re how willing or able we are to imagine and experiment with bringing feminist values to life in our businesses
  • How we could characterise Patriarchal, Capitalist Business As Usual (and where we might be perpetuating harmful norms without realising)
  • What your own business counter-culture might be like (and how you could begin to build that)


You'll be invited to a Zoom Group Discussion with me on Wednesday 8th February 1-2.30 to discuss this stuff and your reflections further after having had some time to consider.

Pricing & Accessibility

I'm pricing this workshop at £39, and I know this is a fair price for the difference it will make to the people who engage with it.

If this is inaccessible to you right now, I'm inviting you to pay what you can afford (anything from £1 upwards) instead. For similar workshops, people have paid various amounts like £9, £12, £15, £25, £29 etc. I will never tell anyone how much you paid, or make judgements about it.

Capitalist norms tell us to try and extract as much as we can from one another, and that everyone else is out to screw us over. Making this workshop available at any price is a small act of resistance against this system. I want to be fair to you, and I trust you to be fair to me.

There are no refunds given for this workshop as I am totally clear that it will fulfill what is outlined above. (This does not affect your statutory rights).

Input £39, or the price you can afford to pay below.